Bringing Life

Jesus' purpose was to reconnect people with a deep relationship with their Creator and help them experience the complete life for which they were created. We believe the fullness of that life can only be found in relationship with Jesus Christ and participation in his body, the Church. 

Dreaming of Possibilities

Are you excited about your faith in Christ? Do you desire to engage others in a gospel conversation? You can be a part of this movement!

Churches of any size or individuals can give birth. One United Methodist Church in a neighboring conference which averaged twelve in worship attendance started a new mission outpost. The size of our heart and size of our dream are more important than the size of our church. 

Attend an Inspiration Workshop near you and bring others from your church who are curious and desire to be a part of something new. Dream together about the possibilities God has in store. 

Called to start a new congregation

What can I DO?

First, you can unite with others in prayer. We are seeking 1,000 people to join us in praying for Give Birth to a Movement and the many people whose lives will be transformed.

You can begin a new space for new people.  Check out this quiz to see what type of space might work for you and explore resources to help you live into that role.

One pastor has challenged each person in her church to say, "I'll take ONE." Add one person who is currently unconnected to Christ and the  church to your prayer list. 

You are also encouraged to participate in an inspiration workshop where participants will learn more about each type of new place and  examples of each. You will be inspired to dream of what new places God might want to birth into your community.