This page provides the most up-to-date information for Illinois Great Rivers Conference churches which are discerning whether to move to a Simplified, Accountable Structure (SAS) for church leadership.

The purpose of the SAS is to provide streamlined decision-making for the administrative ministries of the church in order to free up people to serve in ministry with their community.

The church must have approval from their District Superintendent before implementing SAS, so it it vital that the DS be informed as a church moves through discernment.

Start with this checklist. It is offered so IGRC churches can have healthy discernment and implementation. It outlines the steps IGRC churches are expected to take in order to engage in healthy discernment and decision-making regarding SAS.

Here is a short video by Kay Kotan explaining the basics of the SAS.



To participate in the two session Discernment Workshop (first step in the Discernment Phase in the checklist), all members of the Church Council must:

  • Gather to view and discuss the following three videos:
  • Discuss the videos and make note of observations and questions
  • Record who is present and participating the video viewing and discussion
  • Participate in a Q&A session with Rev. Mike Crawford or a certified SAS coach whom he has assigned to ask questions and clarify next steps in the church's discernment
  • All bullet points are necessary to complete the workshop