Are you thinking about trying different things this Fall?  Explore the videos and resources from the 2021 Summer Series to relaunch in person and continue connecting online.  

Prepare to Relaunch Conversation 

Your church has a great opportunity to reach new people in your community. After more than a year of living through the pandemic, you can “relaunch” ministry this fall in a new way.  There is no going back to normal. Things have changed and this season presents new opportunities for your church to adjust the way you welcome and engage with new people. 

Join Mike Crawford and Amy Shreve as we help leaders strategize on how to effectively relaunch this fall. 


Preparing to Relaunch with Mike Crawford from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Utilizing Facebook for Ministry

Move beyond using Facebook as the church’s front porch and create space for meaningful connection and discipleship.  Nona Jones piqued our interest with “From Social Media to Social Ministry” and now we’ll hear from others that have navigated groups, set up learning modules, and share nuts and bolts of how to.  


Utilizing Facebook from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Resource links and chat

Relaunching: A conversation and Q & A with Rachel Gilmore.

Check out the 30-minute presentation from Rachel which sparked questions and covers relaunching. 


Relaunch Rachel Girlmore from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Our follow up conversation covers

  1. Ways to reconnect/invite
  2. Models of ministry to launch- incorporating multiple styles of ministry and also engaging with the pandemic
  3. Encouragement, tips & tools with online ministry and social media


Relaunch Conversation and Q&A from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.


Slides from the presentation with links to services to check out

In addition, Kara Berg has created a social media training and plan and 10 Commandments of Video that she shares with a church team at Watseka First as well as uses for training in the Iroquois River District and a template for sourcing content from archived material that most churches have available.  

Check out how she utilizes this template:


Trying something new to reach new people in new places for Christ?

Mission Outpost (Prairie Fire) Resource Grants are available to an IGRC church for any home or online group started to reach and disciple people who are unconnected to any church. The startup grant is to provide resources necessary to begin the Mission Outpost Strategy (e.g. Zoom account for online connection, canopy for shade for outdoor group, other resources needed). $200 is the maximum resource grant for any one group. $500 is the maximum total grants for any one charge.