What type of leader are you?  How is God calling you to use your gifts? 

Take this short quiz to find out, and then explore the resources to help you get there!


1.  My favorite small group most often

     a. Allows me to learn from others at church.

     b. Allows me to invite my neighbors into faith discussions.

     c. Does not apply to me because I don't care to be in a small group.


2.  I am comfortable

     a. Participating and facilitating a group when needed.

     b. Facilitating and including everyone in the conversation.

     c. Listening and participating occasionally.


3.  I would like my group to

     a. Remain a consistent size so we know each other better.

     b. Grow and I'd be ok splitting into multiple groups.

     c. Does not apply to me because I don't care to be in a small group.


4.  Right now, I would invite

     a. Five people from my church to join me in a small group.

     b. Five friends or neighbors to join me in a small group.

     c. Not invite anyone, but be active in praying for others.



Mostly A's

Home or Neighborhood Gatherings

Begin or participate in a Home or Neighborhood small group that gathers people from your church together for study and prayer during this time when we cannot meet for large corporate worship.

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Mostly B's

Prairie Fire Gatherings/Mission Outposts

Begin or participate in a Mission Outpost or Prairie Fire group.  Pray for and connect with your neighbors.  Invite them to join you for prayer and then regular faith discussion. 

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Mostly C's

Ask your pastor to connect you!

Begin to pray for the people facilitating small groups and try attending one.  Join the movement to be one of 1,000 people praying for the many people whose lives will be transformed by God's love.