IGRC is partnering with Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions to offer a webinar which can help your church consider taking online worship to the next level.

Jason was an early pioneer of use of metaphor and imagery in worship and has equipped and consulted churches across the connection in use of technology and guest readiness. You won’t want to miss this opportunity.

This is only for IGRC participants. You must register (free) online at https://igrc-reg.brtapp.com/OldStoryNewTime.

Telling the Old Story in a New Time: Best Practices for Worshiping Online and Beyond in a Physically Distanced World

Almost overnight, we find ourselves in a new, unfamiliar world. The COVID-19 virus has changed everything about our lives, including how we worship. What is the church to do in such a time as this?

With the social distancing practices preventing our physical gatherings, how do we connect and make our message resonate with a world in chaos? Now more than ever, the church has the opportunity to lead the charge in a world looking for spiritual answers. In order to lead effectively, we have to tell the story in a new way, for a new time and with a new medium.

In the same way a book has to be consolidated and adapted for the screen in movie form, so must the worship we offer virtually. We can’t continue with a “business-as-usual” approach where Sunday morning worship is concerned.  

Join author, creative worship and guest readiness coach Jason Moore for a 90-minute webinar for how to face these unique challenges to worship. Jason will lead your church into a deep dive through the questions and answers that must be asked and addressed as we worship today.

 The workshop will include:

·      A primer on shifting practices from in-person to virtual

·      How to offer worship beyond online (for the technologically challenged)

·      Best practices for creating worship that lasts beyond the moment

·      A guest readiness guide and tips for how to offer a deeper sense of community

·      Technology tips (what to do when things fail)

·      Copyright concerns

·      Equipment options, and how to achieve a good looking (and sounding) stream

·      PDF handbook filled with resource links

·      Extensive Q&A

·      30 Days to re-watch the recorded stream

·      Optional follow up coaching opportunities

·      & More