The term "new church" refers to one which is anticipated to charter as a congregation within a few years of its start. It may be birthed by a church (e.g. Urbana Quest birthed by Champaign New Horizon), a ministry (e.g. Bloomington Hope birthed by Illinois State University Wesley Foundation), or through the work of a pastor appointed by the Bishop. 

A "new campus" refers to a new worshiping site of a church. The intent is for this to remain another location of ministry, reaching a different target audience, with the long term plan of remaining a part of the launching church's ministry (e.g. Freeburg Journey planted by Belleville Union). 

Another form of new start is a "new faith community." This type of new place typically utilizes the current facility of a church but its ministry reaches a different demographic than the current church. A recent example of this is the Hispanic Ministry of Moline Riverside.