Church Readiness Assessment

This application is for churches who are considering applying for a New Places for New People grant to start a new church, new campus, or new faith community. This is only for the purpose of determining if a church is ready and eligible to apply for a grant. If a church is ready, a link to the online grant application will be sent.

Mission Outpost (Prairie Fire) Resource Grant

Mission Outpost (Prairie Fire) Resource Grants are available to an IGRC church for any home or online group started to reach and disciple people who are unconnected to any church. The start up grant is to provide resources necessary to begin the Mission Outpost Strategy (e.g. Zoom account for online connection, canopy for shade for outdoor group, other resources needed). $200 is the maximum resource grant for any one group. $500 is the maximum total grants for any one charge.

Mission Outpost (Prairie Fire) Stories

Tell us what is happening with your Mission Outpost (Prairie Fire) Gathering and your church could be eligible for a Celebration Grant.

To be eligible for a Celebration Grant, you must complete all "required" information. If you are just telling your story, you can put N/A in any items you choose to not complete.

New Mission Outpost Grant Application

A new mission outpost is specifically geared towards evangelism and discipleship, helping people not only consider faith, but also inviting them to join in group life which encourages faith practices and spiritual growth. Mission outposts are usually small and are led by one or two people and typically meet in the community, not in the church building. They are designed to meet people where they are in life and engage in an ongoing faith conversation in ways and places that are non-threatening. They are typically affinity based. Each mission outpost is a small expression of the body of Christ.

New Mission Outpost grants are one-time grants of no more than $1,000 given to Illinois Great Rivers Conference churches as start-up funds.