Ann Marie Carley, Navigating an Existing Congregation to Start Fresh Expressions

Presentation Slides

Fresh Expressions in a Digital World by Michael Beck & Roz Picardo

Deep and Wild: Remissioning Your Church from the Outside In by Michael Beck

Luke Edwards, Fresh Expressions

How to Start a New Kind of Church e-book

Nona Jones, From Social Media to Social Ministry

How to Navigate Facebook for Faith Communities: 

Meredith Brown suggested the following Zoom Etiquette as a means of facilitating better online small groups and meetings:

Zoom Etiquette:

  1. Have someone in the Zoom group act as host
  2. Make sure everyone has their "name" displayed, whether on video or phone (host can do this)
  3. Explain being on Zoom together needs a bit more space and time to allow folks to speak and listen
    1. If you want to speak, start by saying "this is NAME" .... say what you’re going to say.
    2. When you finish, say OVER.
    3. Practice the at the beginning of the group meeting. Host goes around and asks each person to chime in with their name and say, “Over.”
  4. Be patient with each other.

Paul Nixon, Best Practices for Planting

Workshop Notebook

13 Marks of a Planter

Best Practices and Strategies for Planting

Jason Moore and Ros Picardo, Franchise to Local Dive

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Jason Moore, Both/And

Download the Both/And webinar notebook here.

March 30 Both/And Check In Chat

Tom Albin, Personal Spiritual Growth

Deep Spirituality, Clairvaux

Listening Prayer

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Spiritual Vitality Survey

Three Essentials