Beginning a home group?  These steps will make it easy. 

Rev. Justin Snider, Associate Minister at Springfield First UMC, offers simple ways to invite people from church to join you.


204 Invite from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.


  • Context is key.  What works for one church or community, may not work in another place.
  • People are longing for meaningful community.  Building community allows us to live out our God-given gifts to be the church.
  • Begin with prayer.  Ask God for direction.
  • What relationships do you already have?  What groups have you been involved in?  
  • Decide what type of group you want to lead and facilitate.
  • Ask the church for contact info.  Then, call, email, or text an invitation or an inquiry about interest.
  • Be clear about expectations and be gracious.
  • The biggest predictor of success is a motivated leader.  A leader who takes it upon themselves to shepherd and nurture a group.

Additional Resources:

Create a free account at Share Church and search "Leader Training" for videos and guides for leading a group.

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