You already had a home group.  How can it continue safely? 


  • List the groups that were previously meeting at the church or in the community related to church.  Possibilities include a Sunday School Group, coffee clutch, knitting circle, parent's group, Bible study.  Have the leaders figured out how to keep meeting?

  • Call the existing leaders and see if they're still connecting with those in the group.  

    • Yes, thanks!  How's it going? Do you need any support?

    • No, that's alright.  What are the challenges?  How could you connect in a new way?  What do you need for that to happen? 

  • Brainstorm possibilities of how to resume meeting safely.  Meet in groups of 10 or less.  Meet Outside.  Meet online.  Meet in a conference call.

Meeting in person?  Check out how to do so safely.

Don't have an existing group?  Invite others to join you in a new group!