Workshop Topics and Leaders include:

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How to Reach Hispanics in your neighborhood: Learn who they are, where they came from, and what are the things we have in common. Today a bilingual and bi-cultural second and third generation is growing in our neighborhood and they need Jesus and a church to worship him. 

Adrian Garcia, IGRC Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries

Build Relationships with Unconnected People: The longer we are involved in church life, the more likely it is that most, if not all, of our friends are “churched.” Learn practical steps you can take to build relationships with those who aren’t currently involved in any church.

Bryan Tener, Director of Contextual Evangelism and Church Planting, Discipleship Ministries

First Twelve: Are you desiring to build a team to help lead a new ministry? This workshop is designed to help you gather and grow the first 12 people in your new ministry, new church, or new faith community. You will begin to learn the skills, habits, and lifestyle practices to give your new vision the best chance of launching with a team of 12 committed leaders.

Bryan Tener, Director of Contextual Evangelism and Church Planting, Discipleship Ministries

Reach Young Adults: Discover how demographics become fertile ground for building relationships, creating community, and engaging a deeper discipleship.

Bryan Tener, Director of Contextual Evangelism and Church Planting, Discipleship Ministries

Growing the Church through Youth Ministry: All churches can do youth ministry regardless of size, age, resources, or staffing. Healthy youth groups are not siloed attractional ministries competing with the church down the road. We will explore the benefits of letting go of the attractional youth ministry ideas and discuss what a contextual youth ministry looks like, which leads to deeper faith formation and church growth regardless of your church size or number of youth. 

Curt Franklin, IGRC Associate Coordinator of Camping and Youth Ministries

Reaching Youth in the Community: Are you unsure where to even begin reaching youth in the community? You are not alone. Connecting with youth is not as difficult as we often make it, but it can be overwhelming until you get some momentum. We will discuss how to find those connection places, what to do once you find them, and the importance of reviewing your child protection policy. 

Curt Franklin, IGRC Associate Coordinator of Camping and Youth Ministries

Raising Money through Relationships: A significant part of any church’s fundraising and financial stewardship plan is how to manage and deepen relationships with those who give money to the church. In this workshop we’ll explore how to build relationships with new donors, how to relate to different kinds of donors, and how to build a donor relationship system that helps your church connect giving opportunities with the passionate generosity of your church’s people.

Curtis Brown, IGRC Director of Connectional Ministries

More Prospects, Visitors, and Members for Your Church: Fewer people are looking for a church today, so churches need to have a more robust plan for connecting and inviting people into relationships with the church. And once people are invited, churches need a good plan for nurturing and supporting a deepening relationship with visitors and newcomers. For many churches, this is best accomplished with a careful relationship management system that helps church leaders connect with prospects, visitors, and members. In this workshop, we’ll learn to create this system, understand how to use a system, and plan for church growth.

Curtis Brown, IGRC Director of Connectional Ministries

Leading Boldly!  Leadership development engages persons to discover, develop, and engage their gifts as they serve God.  Bold leadership stretches leaders to create discipleship processes as the foundation for leaders to grow spiritually, create missional outreach, and nurture new leaders to engage their gifts.  This workshop focuses on creating practices to build, grow, and equip spiritual leaders who are leading in dynamic and hybrid faith communities.

Jacqui King, IGRC Director of Ministerial Excellence

Faith Journey:  Walking it out!   What is your call story?  Have you ever been stuck and wondered if God was still listening?  How does this season of life connect with the Holy Spirit?  Conversations, connections, prayers, and discoveries learned through the lens of “40 days with the Holy Spirit” by Jack Levison.  This workshop is for clergy and lay persons to reconnect with the Holy Spirit.

Jacqui King, IGRC Director of Ministerial Excellence

Introduction to Coaching Basics: Learn a template for discussion and developing powerful questions that will open the individual or team to explore the possibilities within themselves. These tools can be utilized for coaching, supervision, one-on-one mentoring, or team building.

James Fielder, Associate Pastor, St. James UMC, Danville and ICF Certified Coach

Preaching to the Connected and Disconnected: In this workshop, Jason will be sharing strategies for designing and delivering sermons and sermon series which can meet the spiritual needs of your congregation and also the community. A section of this workshop will address how to effectively preach to an online audience.

Jason Woolever, Directing Pastor, Crossroads UMC, Washington (D. Min. in Preaching)

Engaging An Online Congregation: This workshop moves beyond streaming worship into relationships with an online congregation. We'll delve into practical ideas for discipleship, connections, pastoral care, and more. We'll also talk about software options and free online tools available to assist in ministry with online-only congregants.

Jennie Edwards Bertrand, Pastor, Hope UMC, Bloomington

Follow Your God-Given Passion for Christ: Reach people when and where they are, knowing God is molding them for their specific calling. Understand and accept them in different ways.

Lisa Wiedman, Planter, Open Road (Motorcycle Church)

Dinner Church: Many churches have effectively created worship experiences around hands-on learning and sharing a meal together. Explore how the Dinner Church and Messy Church models could work in your setting to reach new people and make new Disciples.

Meredith Brown, Lead Pastor, Douglas Ave. UMC, Springfield

Reimagining The Church in the Wild: Rural Church Renewal for the 21st Century: Having served ageing rural congregations for over a decade and he has found ways to cultivate “fresh expressions of church” with people who call rural simply… home. This workshop will share stories from the diversity of rural contexts across the US, lay out a fresh theology for rural life, and offer principles for harnessing the potential of what some consider the forgotten spaces.

Michael Beck, Keynote speaker

Become a Strengths-based Church: Too often churches function from a scarcity mentality. God has uniquely gifted your church and you are in a specific community. This workshop will encourage you to work from your collective strengths to bear greater kingdom fruit.

Mike Crawford, Spoon River DS, former IGRC Coordinator of Congregational Development

Strategic, Accountable Structure: Are you tired of meetings - especially those unproductive or ineffective meetings?  Come explore how to simplify the committee structure of  your church, release more people into ministry rather than meetings, and re-harness the focus toward mission and vision. 

Mike Crawford, Spoon River DS, former IGRC Coordinator of Congregational Development

Beyond the Offering Plates: How to Grow Your Ministry Budget: More than ever, it’s important to diversify revenue streams to ensure fruitful ministry into the future.  Consider how you can save money annually through planning, resourceful networking, and diverse revenue streams.

Nancy Lane, IGRC Coordinator of Camping and Retreat Ministries

We’re All in this Together: Gather to consider ways to strengthen your church through multigenerational teams.  Whether inside or outside the walls of your church, consider how engaging people of all ages will multiply your reach.

Nancy Lane, IGRC Coordinator of Camping and Retreat Ministries

Online and In-person Discipleship Huddles: A disciple is a learner, an apprentice in the way of Jesus.  Following Jesus is what the life of faith is all about.  But how do we do this in today’s world?  Discipleship Huddles give you practical, hands-on tools to use with those new to the faith and those who have been disciples all their lives.  Huddles meet as small groups, and the tools learned and practiced together extend into daily life and activities. An optional practice Huddle will be offered on Zoom on 5 Thursdays, starting September 15 at 11 AM (1-hour commitment) for those interested in exploring this format.

Nicole Reilley, Keynote speaker

What to Do With an Idea: Accessible games and practices that help move you from idea to plan. Engage in innovation board games, human-centered design practices, and a few practical habits that will help your church move from dreaming to doing.  

Trey Wince, Keynote speaker

Engage the Community to Change the Narrative: Learn biblical principles applied by Bethel UMC to engage the concerns in their community, changing the way the community talks about the church. These principles can be put into practice in any context to help you reach your community for Jesus Christ.

Tyson Parks, Pastor, Bethel UMC, Peoria