Workshop Topics and Leaders include:

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Expand Your Digital Reach (led via video): In this digital age, there are many tools which can distract us. Those same tools can also be powerfully used for ministry. Participants will learn best practices for stewarding your social media influence for the sake of the gospel.

Brad Aycock, West Ohio Conference Director of New Church Development

Move from Attractional to Incarnational: Most churches wait for people to come to them. Effective attractional churches grow through invitation. Today churches also need to move beyond their walls to make disciples where people are. This workshop will give principles to help churches make that shift.

Curtis Brown, IGRC Director of Connectional Ministries

Move from Dream to Action: You have a great idea for ministry, now what? This workshop will provide a framework to quickly formulate details of the action plan you need to make your dream a reality.

Curtis Brown, IGRC Director of Connectional Ministries,

Messy Church: Do you want to engage families in your community? Messy Church is an intergenerational, interactive worship experience. Learn how you might implement this model of ministry.

Meredith Brown, Lead Pastor of Springfield Douglas Avenue UMC and serial church planter

Create a Mission Outpost Movement: Hear the story of Trinity Church (an ageing, traditional church with less than 150 in worship) and the momentum they have built through Fresh Expressions to share the good news with people in their community. Learn principles you can apply in your setting.

Ann Marie Carley, Executive Pastor, Trinity UMC, Chillicothe, OH

God Dreams (for Churches Under 100): How can your church discern God’s call and move to action? What are the unique challenges and opportunities for a smaller church as you seek to do so? This workshop will offer tools to help you pursue God’s dream.

Ethan Carnes, Pastor, Glasford UMC

Become a Strengths-based Church: Too often churches function from a scarcity mentality. God has uniquely gifted your church and you are in a specific community. This workshop will encourage you to work from your collective strengths to bear greater kingdom fruit.

Mike Crawford, IGRC Coordinator of Congregational Development

Next Steps Q & A: You are excited about Reach 1,000 but have questions about next steps. This session is for you. Mike will seek to answer the questions participants bring, whether they be about resourcing, strategies, or any other relevant topic.

Mike Crawford, IGRC Coordinator of Congregational Development

Create an Invitational Culture: Statistics show that as many as 82% of unchurched people would attend a church if a friend or family member invited them.  This workshop will give creative ideas on how to create an invitational culture in your church and how to create a spirit of hospitality inside of the church so that guests feel welcome when they come through your doors.

Rachel Gilmore, Dir. of Recruiting, Assessing &Training for Church Planting, Discipleship Ministries

Reinvigorate Worship: Barna research shows that among those who regularly attend worship, half of them haven't felt the presence of God in worship over the past year.  How can we reinvigorate both traditional and contemporary forms of worship so that we can create a sacred space for people to interact with the power and presence of God?  This workshop will give practical ideas for breathing more life and creativity into Sunday mornings.

Rachel Gilmore, Dir. of Recruiting, Assessing &Training for Church Planting, Discipleship Ministries

Simplified, Accountable Structure: Are you tired of meetings - especially those unproductive or ineffective meetings?  Come explore how to simplify the committee structure of  your church, release more people into ministry rather than meetings, and re-harness the focus toward mission and vision. 

Kay Kotan, Keynote Speaker

Small Church Check-Up: Learn how to distinguish between the three types of small churches, and identify potential next steps, and live into God's preferred future for your church.

Kay Kotan, Keynote Speaker

Reach Youth in the Schools: Learn how First Priority provided opportunity to lead youth to Christ and help them grow in faith in the O’Fallon schools. Discover the principles you can use and steps you can take to implement a ministry like this in your community.

Brad Lewis, Youth and Family Minister, O'Fallon 1st UMC

Dinner Church: The Table is an alternate worship service of Decatur Grace which averages over 100 weekly. Over 80% of the participants had no prior connection with Grace UMC. Learn the story and the principles which have allowed them to reach people in their neighborhood with spiritual food.

Beth McLaughlin and Sig Bjorklund, planters of The Table, Decatur Grace UMC Dinner Church

From Death to Resurrection: Hear how God led an ordinary congregation from near collapse to impacting its community by planting a church within a church (AKA "new worship service"). Learn ways you can help connect the unconnected with Jesus by learning the steps Lincoln First took and continues to take.

Michael Paulson, Lead Pastor, Lincoln First UMC

Ignite a Prayer Revolution: Most churches are great at praying for the life concerns and joys of individuals. Learn steps you can take to move your church outward in prayer, focusing on your community, for those who do not yet know Christ, and for God to do unexpected and unimagined things through the life of your church.

Bumper Quick, Pastor, Mt. Vernon West Salem Trinity UMC

Prayer in Motion : This will be an experiential workshop, offering participants the opportunity to practice some of the ideas presented in the Ignite workshop. Note: You should only register for this workshop if you also register for Ignite.

Bumper Quick, Pastor, Mt. Vernon West Salem Trinity UMC

Aim Your Church’s Resources to Reach New People: Over time it is natural for an organization to wander from its purpose. This workshop will equip churches to take a closer look at how it invests is resources for missional effectiveness.

Charliam Renner, Embarras River District Superintendent

Fund Your Dream: Studies show that “fewer Americans are giving to charity.” Many churches are experiencing a decline in giving. This workshop will focus on developing additional strategies and sources to fund God’s dream for your church.

Amy Shreve, IGRC Coordinator of Higher Education, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries

Execute Your Plan: Too many times a plan dies for lack of action. The church plan ends up in a circular file. Don’t kill your plan! Live it! This workshop will outline a simple, repeatable model for creating and sustaining forward momentum for your ministry plan.

Amy Shreve, IGRC Coordinator of Higher Education, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries

Build Relationships with Unconnected People: The longer we are involved in church life, the more likely it is that most, if not all, of our friends are “churched.” Learn practical steps you can take to build relationships with those who aren’t currently involved in any church.

Bryan Tener, Director of Contextual Evangelism and Church Planting, Discipleship Ministries

First Twelve: Are you desiring to build a team to help lead a new ministry? This workshop is designed to help you gather and grow the first 12 people in your new ministry, new church, or new faith community. You will begin to learn the skills, habits, and lifestyle practices to give your new vision the best chance of launching with a team of 12 committed leaders.

Bryan Tener, Director of Contextual Evangelism and Church Planting, Discipleship Ministries

Reach Young Adults: Discover how demographics become fertile ground for building relationships, creating community, and engaging a deeper discipleship.

Bryan Tener, Director of Contextual Evangelism and Church Planting, Discipleship Ministries

Develop Disciples, Develop Leaders: Jesus did not divorce leadership development from discipleship.  Learn how teaching people to lead is part of teaching people how to follow Christ.  Guide followers on the journey to lead self, lead others, lead leaders, and lead ministries.

Russ Williams, Certified Speaker, Teacher, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team

Mentor to Change Lives: If you are following Jesus, bring someone along.  Using Jesus and Paul as examples, learn the biblical model of mentorship, a practical strategy for starting a mentoring relationship and the process.  Plus, address some common challenges in mentoring.

Russ Williams, Certified Speaker, Teacher, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team