These resource grants will help you get started and motivate you to keep going.  Have questions? Contact Mike Crawford,

Resource Grant

Mission Outpost (Prairie Fire) Resource Grants are available to an IGRC church for any group started to reach and disciple people who are unconnected to any church. The start up grant is to provide resources necessary to begin the Mission Outpost (Prairie Fire) gathering (e.g. Zoom account for online connection, canopy for shade for outdoor group, other needed resources). $200 is the maximum resource grant for any one group. $500 is the maximum total grants for any one charge.

Apply here.

Celebration Grant

Share your story with us and qualify for a celebration grant which can be used to celebrate and support the groups continued growth.  The minimum grant will be $200. 

$500 is the maximum total grants for any one charge.

Celebration grants are awarded to groups that are ongoing and are reaching and discipling at least 2 households beyond the church.

Share your story and apply here.