Show God's love and deepen relationships by inviting friends to pray. 

Rev. Rocio Reyes Williams began a new ministry Churros y Chocolate and shares how she develops trust and offers an invitation to pray.



Invitation to Prayer from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.


  • Know your neighbors' needs and find a way to minister to them.

  • Be brave in relationships to invite friends to pray with you.

  • Host an outdoor or online prayer time to set the spiritual tone.

  • Bring Christ into the conversation and relationship

  • Encourage group members to invite others to pray.

  • This will build the community.

  • Explore a variety of options.

  • Be conscious of the invitation.  Be specific of what it is and what it is not.


Gracious Invitation From Holy Currencies by Eric Law

Ideas for Prayer Times ​


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