We want to be listened to and valued for who we are.  Paying attention to others, listening to them, shows that you value them.

Rev. Jennie Edwards Bertrand, pastor of Hope Church, Bloomington shares how she shares God's grace and compassion through listening.


105 Pay Attention from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.


Instead of rushing into planning and inviting, listen.

Begin with a question: Why do you not go to church?  What is it about the church that makes you not want to go?

Key thing: People want to be listened to.  Listening instead of telling provided the grace compassion, the healing that was needed to help them be a part of a church community.

People have a feeling that no one cares about them. You’re the one who cares.

If you’ve built a trusting relationship with someone then you can ask, "How may I pray for you?"  

Allows them to authentically share the pain and joy in their lives.


Suggested Resources

Books on the power of listening in conversation.

 Hidden Wholeness by Parker Palmer

Alone Together by Sherry Turkle

Brene Brown's stuff (books, TedTalks, podcast)

Another Way: Living and Leading Change on Purpose by Lewis, Baker, and Williams  


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