Begin connecting with your neighbors. 

Rev. Michael Whitaker, founding pastor of The Connection in Edwardsville, shares how he meets new people.


103 Connect from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.


  • Connect with your neighbors to build and increase relationships. 

  • Be actively present, be accessible:  

    • Hang out on your front porch, driveway or patio,

    • If there's a neighborhood gathering spot, like a park, enjoy time there.

    • Take non-exercise walks in your neighborhood.

  • Share your gifts: baking or mowing.

  • Take moments to engage in conversation.

    • Start with one question, introduce yourself, "How long have you lived here?" "Where did you move from?"

  • Be appropriately inquisitive.

  • Find common ground where you move from strangers to friends. ​

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