Imagine the Holy Spirit sweeping across your neighborhood.  That's the transformation that's possible.

Rev. Mike Crawford, Coordinator of Congregational Development, shares what is possible.


101 Prairie Fire from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.


  • What if we re-engage outreach in the way that caused Methodism to spread across Illinois like a Prairie Fire in the 19th century? 

    • Reach our unconnected neighbors through home gatherings, 

    • Engage in spiritual conversations,

    • Simple format that is easy to reproduce,

    • As groups grow, a new group can form.

  • Build on Bishop Beard’s prayer: 

Lord, send the gentle wind of your Holy Spirit to blow upon the embers of my heart

and fan me into flames for Jesus.

And as you do so, use me to spread the fire of Pentecost

in my community and throughout your world. 

  • The Prairie Fire video series equips you to start Prairie Fire gatherings 

  • Our prayer is that we will experience the holy fire of Pentecost spreading across our community. 

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